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Our Company’s mission statement is simple: To make a difference by contributing to the success of our customers. This permeates everything we do and drives our business to continuously improve. As an employee of Suisan Company Ltd. you will contribute to our success in the quality of your work. We encourage our employees to strive for perfection and never settle.

This philosophy of hardwork and continuous improvement has been the backbone of our business and will continue to shape our focus moving forward. 


Suisan Company, Ltd. is a Hawaii corporation. It was founded on September 7, 1907 as an auction and wholesaling firm for locally caught fresh fish. The original name was Suisan Kabushiki Kaisha and the original stockholders were mostly fishermen and fish peddlers. The only buyers at the time were the peddlers who, in the early days, used to sell their fish door- to-door on foot, or out in the rural areas, by horse and buggy.

With the establishment of Suisan Kabushiki Kaisha on Lihiwai Street as a centralized area for auctioning and wholesaling, the fishermen no longer had to seek out their own buyers. In 1948, a Frozen Food distribution business was established and by 1955, because of the tremendous growth, the Frozen Food distribution division moved to its present location at 1965 Kamehameha Avenue. The Company’s name was changed to Suisan Company, Limited. Today, Suisan’s Food Distribution Division has expanded to become the largest broadline food distribution business on the Big Island of Hawaii.

At present, Suisan Company, Limited, has three divisions:

1. Food Distribution Division – Frozen and chill food distribution.

2. Fresh Seafood Division – Wholesale and Retail

3. JB Division – Liquor warehousing and delivery under contract with Johnson Brothers of Hawaii

As a well-diversified and steadily growing company, Suisan faces the future with confidence, secure in the knowledge that we can rely upon the wholehearted support and cooperation of our employees in their joint efforts to make our company highly successful.

73-4836 Kanalani Street
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
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Industry: Sales