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The mission of the Judiciary, as an independent branch of government, is to administer justice in an impartial, efficient, and accessible manner in accordance with the law.


General Information

The Judiciary is one of three branches of state government in Hawaiʻi. The other two are the executive and legislative branches. As an independent government branch, the Judiciary is responsible for administering justice in an impartial, efficient, and accessible manner according to the law.


Once every minute, a case is filed in one of Hawaii’s state courts. Judges preside over a wide variety of cases including divorces, child abuse cases, landlord-tenant disputes, traffic violations, and assaults, and make decisions that can have lifelong consequences for the people involved. The law and the system may seem complex, but at its heart is the protection of individual rights and freedoms, a precious key to a sound democracy. Democracy cannot function unless the third branch of government decides each case based solely on the particular laws and facts presented, regardless of public opinions and other outside influences.

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