Keena Hookele (Hilo, Hawaiʻi): Kakia Keena (Administrative Assistant)

Jun 22 2024
Aha Punana Leo, Inc. |Hilo|Full Time, $17.00 / hour
Job Description


Essential Functions and Basic Duties:


1.         Ensure office effectiveness and efficiency at the Puuhonu office.

a.         Oversees the regular maintenance of office equipment

            i.          Postage Machine

            ii.         Copier

            iii.        Telephone system

            iv.        Furniture

            v.         Internet

            vi.        Waterman

b.         Coordinates travel arrangements (hotel, air, land and per diem)

            i.          Uploads information into Microix

            ii.         Emails out travel itineraries

            iii.        Makes any necessary changes or cancellations

c.         Serves as the primary contact for scheduling facility maintenance

            i.          Grounds keeping at Puuhonu and Kinoole

            ii.         Interior and exterior office lighting

            iii.        Orkin Pest Control

            iv.        Solar panels

d.         Maintains office calendar

            i.          Events

            ii.         Meetings

            iii.        Trips

e.         Manages reception area to ensure effective telephone and mail communications.

            i.          Greets and assist visitors in a courteous manner

            ii.         Receives, dates and distributes mail to appropriate department.

            iii.        Logs the receipt of business checks

            iv.        Directs calls and responds to general inquiries

            v.         Prepares necessary labels for shipping parcels and letters

            vi.        Maintains certified receipts for verification of mail sent

f.          Prepare for office meetings and visits.

            i.          Purchase and prepare refreshments

            ii.         Provide airport pick-up/drop-off if needed

            iii.        Sets up meeting room

g.         Anticipates and ensures adequate office supplies are on hand.

h.         Manage donations to the organization.

            i.          Monitor receipt of donations received via email and mail

            ii.         Log necessary information for reporting purposes

            iii.        Send out thank you letters accordingly

i.           Oversee employee uniform orders

            i.          Coordinate with vendor

            ii.         Communicate ordering schedule with employees

j.           Manage APL equipment inventory

            i.          Manage inventory log of current APL equipment

            ii.         Order new equipment as advised.

k.          Perform other related duties as required.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Successful completion of Third-Year Hawaiian language and a commitment to continue Hawaiian Language learning.
  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent

Working Conditions

  • Work is typically conducted Monday through Friday at normal business hours.
  • Must attend and participate in the annual Aha Nuukia staff development.

Job Type: Full-Time