Luna Waiwai (Chief Financial Officer)

May 15 2024
Aha Punana Leo, Inc. |Hilo|Full Time, $90,000 - $135,000 / year
Job Description


  • Leadership and collaboration
    • As a member of the leadership team, develop, present, and secure Board approval for organizational initiatives.
    • Oversee annual audit: work with the Auditor to ensure compliance with all applicable financial, accounting, legal, and regulatory requirements and best-practice standards; ensure a system of strong internal controls.
    • Lead Fiscal Department staff. Oversee and manage the Fiscal Department including but not limited to Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Financial Processing functions. 
    • Ensure best Fiscal practices and compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory standards
    • Drives meetings to ensure collaboration between the fiscal department and other departments including key outsourced support organizations ie, Blackbaud, MIP.
    • Ensure the timely creation and distribution of fiscal reports
    • Develop and monitor the implementation of financial plans in conjunction with the CEO and COO.
    • Oversee organizational budgeting and reporting, working with the Fiscal Manager to prepare expenditure reports and with the Department Directors to prepare annual department budgets, projections and grant budgets 
    • Ensure proper fiscal management is implemented across all departments through collaboration with Department Directors, Managers and other personnel. 
  • Policies and procedures
    • Oversee, steward and keep uptodate ʻAPL Fiscal Processes and Procedures
    • Develop and maintain internal financial-management policies and procedures, performance measures, and systems.
    • Assures that procedures are designed and implemented to ensure that expenditures, assets and liabilities are properly recorded and reported.
    • Keep the CEO and COO informed of fiscal and financial activities and communicate any problems or concerns to the CEO and COO
    • Lead the Investment initiatives to ensure compliance with the Board approved investment policies
    • Propose investment and financial strategies to the CEO/Board and review/revisit as needed
  • Key Fiscal operations
    • Manage Fiscal internal and external personnel
    • Prepare monthly and quarterly financial statements and financial analysis;
    • Accurately maintains ledgers and other financial documentation and prepares financial reports as necessary.
    • Reconciles all bank and other accounts to assure accuracy and completeness.
    • Receive and verify requests for transfers between bank accounts. Make bank transfers as necessary.
    • Oversee and manage ʻAPLʻs asset portfolio.
    • Ensure necessary legal and regulatory financial documents are filed.
    • Manage, oversee and adjust journal entries along with payroll data entries.
    • Manage invoicing as required for payment on ʻAPLʻs services and products.
    • Maintain income and expense accounts
    • Oversee functioning and relationship with database system provider
    • Serve as primary contact on behalf of the ʻAPL Fiscal relationships


  • Strong leadership, strategic, and communications skills relative to finance and Fiscal operations.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in accounting, finance or other related fields. 4+ years of Fiscal Department Leadership. Masterʻs or Doctorate level degree preferred. Additional experience can be used in lieu of a Masterʻs or Doctorate level degree.   
  • The candidate also understands, or is willing to develop an understanding of, the unique complexities and culture of ʻAPL. 
  • Strong analytical skills and practical experience and expertise in financial and accounting policies, practices, and systems. 
  • Ability to meet compliance and best-practice standards for finance, investment, and/or accounting.
  • Proficiency with financial-management and accounting software systems and programs is required. Understanding of GAAP-basis accounting required.
  • Ability to work in a team environment and as an active problem-solver.
  • Meet the Hawaiian language proficiency benchmark as set forth in the Personal Language Development Plan