Campus Minister, Maryknoll School

Mar 19 2024
Catholic Diocese of Honolulu-Parishes/Schools |Honolulu|Full Time, $50,000 - $57,000 / year
Job Description
Campus Minister

Maryknoll School

Description: The Campus Minister serves the entire Maryknoll School community, under the leadership of the Pastor, and the supervision of the Head of School. The Campus Minister is responsible for ensuring that there is a school wide awareness and understanding of the school’s vocation of evangelization and the integration of this mission into all the various departments’ general and specific lines of work. He/she provides the primary point of focus within the school for the purpose of developing each member to become and grow as people who believe and foster The Great Commission “to go and make disciples of all nations.” He/she implements a cohesive plan to share our mission to be grounded, fortified, and nourished by the Eucharist. This leader must possess and maintain an in-depth understanding of the Mission of the Catholic Church and of the school.

Descriptions of the Three Major Areas of Responsibilities (to be shared with guided by and supported by the Pastor):

1. Evangelization – The work of proclaiming the Good News.

a. The Campus Minister is responsible in encouraging and collaborating with all constituents in knowing and developing a lifestyle around the Word of God. He/she creates opportunities for Scripture reading, studying, and faith sharing either on an individual or small/large group settings.

b. The Campus Minister will help encourage and create a culture around the knowledge of God’s love and His offer of salvation through Jesus Christ; will encourage and promote consistently the dignity of every person who is made in the image and likeness of God.

c. The Campus Minister in ensuring that the catechetical contents of the Religious Education is consistent and faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church. He/she will have an oversight of the Religious Education curriculum of the school.

2. Mission Integration – The intentional plan of integrating the tenets of the Mission Statement of the school into every department and or every line of work.

a. The Campus Minister is responsible for the review of the Mission Statement of the school by the school community at various times of the year and as necessary as possible.

b. The Campus Minister will collaborate with department leaders in the process of reflecting and creating ways by which the mission is evidently manifested in their daily operations.

c. He/she promotes discipleship through the school’s motto of Noblesse Oblige as the guiding principle of why we do what we do, including Service-Learning or Community Service.

3. Worship – celebration of the Sacraments with the centrality of the Eucharist.

a. The Campus Minister must ensure that there is an on-going education and faith formation on the centrality of the Eucharist in our Christian life.

b. He/She oversees the planning and preparation of the communal school Masses and other forms of worship and celebrations of the Sacraments to ensure the accuracy and faithfulness to the Catholic Church.

c. He/She is responsible for the invitation and preparation of the students, faculty and staff who wish to receive the church’s Sacraments of Initiation. He/she will collaborate with Religion teachers, parish staff, and all concerned pertinent to the process of preparation and completion of requirements.

d. He/She will be responsible in coordinating other forms of worship and devotional activities on campus. He/she is responsible in promoting the practice of daily and seasonal devotions and rituals of the church.

General Responsibilities

1. Reports and collaborates with the Pastor and the Head of School

2. Collaborates with the Division Heads and Department Leaders

3. Collaborates with the Director of Students Services for scheduling Campus Ministry events and students retreats

4. Collaborates with the dean of Curricular Studies on matters pertinent to Catholic school’s curricular reviews and alignments with national standards, and compliance to the diocesan requirements.

5. Collaborates with Division Heads on matters pertinent to Religious Education, Mission integration and school culture

6. Collaborates with Community Service coordinator/Service-Learning coordinator

7. Provides timely reminders for communal gatherings, liturgical protocols, feasts and seasons of the liturgical calendars, and other important information and or new directives from the Church.

Specific Duties:

1. Provide schedule of Masses to the Master Calendar.

2. Coordinate with parish personnel for the Sacrament of Reconciliation schedule for each campus.

3. Provide schedule of divisional retreats and other campus ministry events.

4. Coordinate the preparation and active participation of students in our liturgical celebrations.

5. Provide leadership opportunities for student-leaders in campus ministry.

6. Provide opportunities for teachers, staff, and students for active participation in the different ministries needed for Masses and other liturgical or paraliturgical celebrations.

7. Create opportunities of faith formation and training for evangelization.

8. Create an internal email blast for sharing information and to encourage reflection and action on evangelization and mission.

9. Schedule regular meetings with ministry collaborators.

10. Prepare monthly and annual reports to the Head of School.

Employment Requirements

1. Must be a fully initiated, active and practicing Catholic. Proofs of Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, and Sacramental Marriage (if applicable) are required upon hiring.

2. Curriculum Vitae must reflect Trainings, Certificates, and or Degrees in Catholic Religious Studies, Theology, or Catholic School Leadership.

3. Previous experience in being a Catechist (Religion Teacher), Parish Youth Ministry Leadership, or Campus Ministry Leadership is desirable.

4. Ability to lead retreats and faith formation processes with children, youth, and adults.

5. Be familiar with the LIFE TEEN program and be able to facilitate “Life Nights” and other Faith Formation opportunities and activities.

6. Knowledge of Safe Environment requirements and protocols.

7. Must be willing to work some evenings and overnight retreats.

8. Must have some degree of knowledge in setting up portable audio-visual technology.

9. Must be open to CPE and additional skills training.