IT Technician

Jan 25 2024
Aqua Engineers, Inc. |Honolulu|Full Time, $27.73 - $33.40 / hour
Job Description

IT Technician


Primary Accountability - Responsible for providing technical support for the company’s computer systems.


Description of Primary Responsibilities

1)     Maintains personal workstations and peripherals.

a)     2)     Provides hardware and software support on network equipment.

a)     3)     Provides technical support to communications systems.

a)     4)     Provides maintenance support for the company’s websites.

a)     5)     Provides hardware and software support to users.

a)     6)     Administers the Company’s network and network servers.


Description of Primary Attributes


General Development:


1)     Possesses organizational skills in order to organize own work.

2)     Has the ability to work independently and as part of a team.

3)     Is able to re-prioritize work in response to changes in circumstance.

4)     Considers the way the work affects other employees outside the department or functional area.

5)    Is able to devise effective solutions to situations encountered based on the general goals and objectives of the function.


Professional & Technical Knowledge:


1)   Possesses general work-related skills at a level consistent with completion of a high school program, including written and verbal communication skills, computational and computer skills, and mathematical knowledge.

2)   Possesses thorough understanding of network and personal computer operations and system designs.


Technical Skills:


1)   Proficient in assembling personal computer hardware, including common upgrades such as   physical memory, power supplies and various connections.

2)  Is able to understand network hardware design and connectivity and to diagnose and   troubleshoot network connectivity issues.


Licenses & Certifications – Hawaii Driver License.


Communications Skills:


1)     Effectively communicates complex and/or technical information to co-workers and others.

2)     Exercises tact and diplomacy in the resolution of mild conflicts or disagreements.

3)     Effectively communicates information in written (including electronic) correspondence.

4)     Effectively conveys technical information to non-technical audiences.