Part-time Counselor, St Anthony School, Wailuku

May 15 2024
Catholic Diocese of Honolulu-Parishes/Schools |Honolulu|Part Time, $47,400 - $60,500 / year
Job Description
Part-time Counselor, St Anthony School, Wailuku

The counselor provides a full range of counseling, skill training and support services to students. The counselor collaborates in the effective operation of a Catholic education program by supporting the goals and spirit of Catholic education in general and the school programs in particular; ensuring an effective instructional program; continuing in professional growth; encouraging student educational growth.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Furthers the mission and teachings of the Catholic Church and the propagation of the Catholic faith. 2. Provides academic and mental health counseling support to students across grade levels, which may include:

a. Individual and group sessions

b. respond effectively to crises affecting students and faculty

c. Teacher and family consultation

d. Effective communication with all stakeholders, including parents

e. provide mental health and behavioral counseling to students

f. recognize and appropriately take care of individual students' socio-emotional challenges

g. submit referrals to outside agencies as necessary for students' well-being

h. work with school faculty and other counseling staff to develop plans for maintaining the well-being of individual students and of the student population as a whole

4. Must have regular attendance, participates in faculty meetings, school committees, and in-services 5. Attends other school functions and activities as is necessary QUALIFICATIONS: 1. If Catholic, must have receive full sacramental initiation into the Church. 2. Must have a basic understanding and acceptance of Catholic School philosophy, goals and objectives 3. Must work cooperatively with the parish staff. 4. Must have the following education training and experience:

a. Degree in counseling or a related field b. Successful school experience preferred c. Appropriate certifications as required for position d. Positive references and recommendations e. Criminal background check

Employment Type: Full or part-time

Starting compensation: $47,400 - $60,500 for full time, adjusted proportionately for part time