Sourcing and Outreach Manager

Mar 25 2024
City and County of Honolulu |Honolulu|Full Time
Job Description

$5,713 per month

Job Type: Full-Time Temporary
Location:    Honolulu
Departme​nt: Human Resources
Apply Before: Continuous


General Duties:

In coordination with, and working in close consultation with the Director, Special Projects Manager and Recruitment Branch Chief, this position serves at a senior level, and performs difficult and complex assignments pertinent to Recruitment and Outreach needs. This may include planning, developing, and administering appropriate and effective brand messaging for City and County of Honolulu’s expanded employee recruitment efforts through comprehensive and broad-based activities, including but not limited to oversight of digital media campaigns, coordination of marketing collateral, facilitation of website presentation and job opportunities pages, coordination of external online postings, and other activities that deploy and market effective brand messaging for City recruitment. The position also manages other positions supporting this effort, including two Outreach Specialists and an Information Specialist, and is responsible for overseeing the external activities of the department and meeting recruiting benchmarks as determined by the Director.



Specific Duties:

1. Manage, supervise, lead, and set the overall strategic vision for the department’s external outreach team, which includes two Outreach Specialists and an Information Specialist.


2. Develop and lead implementation of a tactical plan for effective external talent acquisition campaigns to fill vacant positions using a diverse portfolio of initiatives and activities, including collaboration with organizations, relationship building with partners, driving social media and other avenues for sourcing.


3. Develop, evolve, and execute an annual plan for effective representation and presence of City departments at career fairs; work with the University of Hawaii and Community College to attract graduates, collaborate with departments to market and fill positions appropriate for graduates or apprenticeships.


4. Identify potential pools of candidates and target talent by actively reaching out to industry and trade associations, specialty and community groups, organizations, and associations with which job seekers may be associated.


5. Actively and equitably promote career and employment opportunities in the City, including outreach to underrepresented minorities, individuals with disabilities, and other disadvantaged applicant groups.


6. Give talks and provide information on City career and employment opportunities before professional, trade, school, and community groups.


7. Understand the diversity of broad classes of available positions in the City and create plans to attract talent for the “difficult to fill” or “higher level technical” positions.


8. Reach out to high schools and post-high school educational institutions, including colleges, community colleges, universities, and trade schools, to seek out opportunities to meet with students, administrators, faculty, and staff (in classes, on campus, or virtually) to promote the careers and job opportunities that the City has to offer.


9. Work with City departments to identify specialized sourcing needs and focus on distinct outreach opportunities. (For example, work with the Department of Design and Construction, Department of Facility Maintenance, and Department of Environmental Services to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa College of Engineering job fair.) Coordinate with departments to have an active role in engaging with the students and/or other public stakeholders.


10. Research, obtain, and negotiate costs for the City to attend available job fairs; coordinate and organize City departments’ participation in job fairs. Represent the City at job fairs or other community events to promote career opportunities. Create recruitment and marketing materials and promotional items.


11. Evaluate effectiveness of various outreach campaigns, job fairs and recruitment initiatives; collect and maintain data with which to provide analyses for impact and improvement to activities.


12. Develop and maintain database for recruitment outreach.


13. Create and administer surveys to collect feedback and evaluations on the City’s work with school educational institutions to further develop and improve City’s outreach initiatives.


14. Analyze City’s current offerings, training and incentives for retention and develop new or supplemental policies and practices to improve retention of existing employees. Work closely with Employment and Personnel Services (EPS) Division staff and Labor Relations and Training (LRT) staff.


12. Provide simple guidance to the general public on the recruitment and/or hiring process.


13. Perform other related duties as necessary. 





If you have any questions regarding the position, you may email [email protected].



An Equal Opportunity Employer