Logistics Analyst

Nov 28 2023
Kūpono Government Services, LLC |Kahului|Full Time, $80,000 / year
Job Description
  • Serve as the Equipment Control Function/Officer (ECF/ECO). Maintain accurate property records in DPAS Site IDs. Process all property record transactions to ensure data/inventory balance accuracy of government property records maintained in DPAS and other miscellaneous updates within seven (7) workdays.
  • Create and maintain item cataloguing for L&P stock-numbers assigned to property records in DPAS Site ID DF-RDTE using the H2 Federal Supply Classification and H6 Item Name Directory tools to properly assign Federal Stock Class.
  • Maintain a current custodial equipment jacket folder for each equipment account. Assist the Primary Property Custodian and SLC in the reconciliation of equipment record additions, deletions and changes involving CIRs produced from DPAS Site.
  • Establish and maintain supply point(s) in DPAS for reparable spares and line replacement units in support of all 15SPSS operations and mission requirements. Assist customer in identification of and purchasing of critical spares and creating asset visibility reporting in DPAS. May purchase open market materials in support of critical spares. Purchase materials in a manner that is most advantageous to the government. Receive approval from the COR prior to purchasing critical spares.
  • Process DPAS reports necessary to maintain data integrity, inventory control, and cataloging information. Provide 15 SPSS Logistics Manager with monthly DPAS records list and quarterly inventory increases/decreases report.
  • Conduct and document initial/refresher training covering roles and responsibilities of equipment custodian and property coordinators.
  • Plan non-MILSTRIP shipments using best modes/methods consistent with cargo classification/level of protection, delivery requirements, receiving location and receiving capabilities. Coordinate cargo pick-up for shipments sent through Port of Honolulu and marked-for JBPHH agencies.
  • Verify shipment packaging, documentation, and notification requirements to prevent damage, misrouting or other discrepancies involved in the handling of shipments.
  • Provide a 24-hour emergency response telephone number on shipment declaration forms for use in the event of an emergency involving the shipment of hazardous material originating from the site.
  • Establish and maintain transportation control numbers that enable traceability of shipments from origin to destination.
  • As primary POC for all inbound shipments, including Det 3 tenant unit and VEs, resolve discrepancies for all inbound cargo in “frustrated” status.
  • Provide mailing and shipping services for official Government correspondence and packages up to 150 pounds, including items that require special-handling; e.g., courier service or registered mail.
  • Perform item-research using D043 or FED-LOG to convert part (model) numbered item requests to national stock numbered items, as necessary to properly identify in-use items.
  • Prepare and submit issue requests through normal Air Force supply channels (ILS-S) managed by the host LRS. Monitor the status of items ordered through ILS-S and follow up with the host LRS until items are received.
  • Process requests to establish and maintain current DoD Activity Address Codes to support requisitioning and shipment transactions, Maintaining Air Force DoD Activity Address Codes (DODAAC).
  • Act as a Test Measurement Diagnostic Equipment (TDME) coordinator to coordinate shipments and manage all TMDE assigned. Process all TMDE for organic and non-organic calibration within prescribed schedule at JBPHH Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL) or approved commercial vendor source.
  • Comply with the Technical Order (TO), Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Calibration Interval, in the use, care, handling, and transportation of TMDE equipment.
  • Ensure calibration certificates are kept with equipment.
  • Verify calibration intervals and requirements for new procurements using the Air Force Calibration Authority Viewer (AFCAV).
  • Provide physical accountability of all site TMDE, not otherwise tracked in DPAS.
  • Provide a quarterly listing of all site TMDE requiring commercial calibration to the Logistics Manager.