Project Management

Jun 22 2024
Kūpono Government Services, LLC |Kihei|Full Time, $140,000 / year
Job Description


  • Provide escort, planning, design, management and services in support of the maintenance, repair, demolition and construction of facilities and infrastructure in accordance with standard operating guide(s) while referring to all playbooks.
  • Project Planning and Design: Ensure facility and infrastructure projects are thoroughly planned, surveyed, designed and engineered to ensure effective use of Air Force real property and equipment in support of the mission.
  • Planning: ​Planning efforts shall culminate in a Project Package provided to the Government for review for content. Fully responsible for the accuracy of the project in meeting the customer’s requirements and all Federal, State, and Local codes and requirements. In addition to code all relevant AFIs, AFMANs, and UFCs shall be followed. The NexGen IT Service Request (SR) is the initiating document for each project. Accept the SR as the beginning point in their effort to fully develop the requirements and specifications regardless of the SR description provided.
    • Draft a well-written and detailed description of the project to create the foundation for the SOW.
    • Meet with CE/User as a kick-off to validate the level of effort, scope, and all specifications for the project delivery and any other special considerations that must be met.
    • Create a Statement of Work (SOW) that defines project criteria and specifications within 2 weeks after AF332 is approved by CE. The PM shall consult with Gov’t CE/User and functional experts to gather and document details about the project’s requirements. Each SOW shall be tailored and include only applicable requirements and specifications for the associated project.
  • Verify site conditions and conduct all field surveys and measurements as necessary to complete the required SOW. Provide a SOW including all labor, materials, equipment and any other information necessary to complete the SOW to ensure a complete and usable product.
  • Design: Ev​aluate all project requests; and when necessary, provide a Professional Engineering (PE) design by engineer(s) licensed and registered in the state of Hawaii. All engineering work shall result in a PE stamped design/package and include calculations, when necessary. The design will also include surveys and any other investigations deemed necessary to define the scope of the project.
  • Deliver Facilities Project package: Compile the Facilities Project package; include required attachments, designs, photos, etc., and validate all documents are in the share drive project work control folder. Submit the assembled package to CE for approval.
  • Provide written reviews and input for government responses to bidders’ technical questions by qualified MBSS subject matter experts in the administration of Government and/or third party awarded contracts.
  • Project Execution: Perform construction coordination for all construction projects. Construction projects generically represents all types of work to include, but not limited to modifications, repairs, replacements, upgrades, renovations, minor construction and demolition. Provide quality control, surveillance and contractual obligations of construction execution.
  • Project Closeout: Ensure completion of applicable documentation such as formal evaluations, real property updates and a letter of acceptance from CE.
  • Update Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program: Update maintenance requirements for added, deleted or modified components, equipment, systems, etc., within twenty (20) business days. Continue to track projects in the WRRB until PMs, CAD as-builts, or any other required closeout documentation required is completed.
  • Project Programming Support: Provide inputs and support for the site Facility Board (FB) meetings, via the Government 5-Year Roadmap at least semi-annually or as requested by the Government.
  • Provide inputs and support to Government planning of proposed and/or unfunded projects. Information requested may include, but not limited to creation of CAD drawings, CAD concepts, photos, project descriptions, estimated schedules and cost estimations.
  • Facility Project (FP) Management: Provide Facility Project (FP) management support which entails the local process that defines the life-cycle, workflow and the associated documentation and approvals required for a project. The process begins with creation/generation of a request to the Requirements Section and ends with acceptance of the work by the Government.
  • Work Request Review Board (WRRB): Present updates on cost, schedule, and performance for all work and projects in-progress as well as updates on the progress of work in planning. Recommend method of accomplishment and the most efficient means to accomplish the work.


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, architecture, or construction management from a program certified by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) or from a program certified by the National Architecture Accrediting Board
  • Project Management certification preferred. 


  • Minimum of 5 years experience with sustainment, renovation, and minor construction project scoping, estimating, and scheduling related to the following concentrations: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC), plumbing, electrical, fire alarm and suppression, and interior and exterior architecture-related systems.


  • U.S. military/Air Force Experience preferred.
  • Set up a kickoff meeting with the government prior to beginning the work orders.
  • Schedule and coordinate with several vendors for the facility operations.
  • Check for the submittals according to the project requirements.
  • Make sure all the necessary permits are in place for the construction projects.
  • Should be able to manage work orders and act as Project Coordinator.
  • Maintain a safe work environment.
  • Mindful to meet deadlines for the work orders. 
  • Ability to write daily correspondence to the customer.