Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

Feb 09 2024
Aqua Engineers, Inc. |Wahiawa|Full Time, $33.64 - $39.04 / hour
Job Description

Primary Accountability - Responsible for the operation and maintenance activities at a Grade III or Grade IV wastewater treatment plant (“WWTP”).


Description of Primary Responsibilities

1) Responsible for the ensuring the safe, efficient and economical operations of equipment in wastewater treatment plants to optimize process and protect public health.

2) Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of equipment and operating devices. 

3) Responsible for the performing physical and chemical tests.

4) Provides leadership to WWTP Operators.

5) Responsible for interpreting data and making recommendations to improve plant equipment and processes.

6) Responsible for sewer pump stations (“SPS”).

7) Responsible for the troubleshooting of plant equipment.

8) Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of plant records.

9) Prepares operational reports.


Description of Primary Attributes

General Development:

1) Possesses more advanced organizational skills, typically able to organize projects or the work of others.

2) Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

3) Manages own duties and responsibilities on a fixed schedule without the need for direction or assistance, if prioritization is required.

4) Applies problem solving skills.

5) Considers the impact of work product on other employees in the work process.

6) Consistently follows appropriate safety rules and practices.

7) Exercises leadership authority over other employees, including the WWTP Operators.

8) Is able to effectively select from established alternatives to modify approaches in response to situations encountered.


Professional & Technical Knowledge:

1) Understands different treatment processes, for example; MBBR, MBR, SBR, extended aeration, anaerobic, and aerobic digestion, bio-towers and activated sludge, primary and secondary clarifiers, rotating biological contactor, and trickling filters.

2) Possesses knowledge of the practices and procedures used in the operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plant, collection systems and the treatment and disposal of reuse water at a level expected of a State of Hawaii Grade IV WWTP Operator.

3) Possesses a thorough operating knowledge of two of the following processes: anaerobic and aerobic digestion, thickening, chemical and biological, chemical recovery, carbon regeneration, on-site disinfectant generation, oxidation ditch, ultra-violet disinfection, odor scrubbing, chlorination and dechlorination, membrane and sand filtration or activated sludge.


Technical Skills:

1) Has the ability to prepare basic correspondence and simple reports in Microsoft Word.

2) Has the ability to use Microsoft Excel to create tables and simple displays of information.

3) Has the ability to operate and maintain electrical controls and equipment, properly diagnose plant equipment and supervise their correction.

4) Has the ability to review operational reports of equipment and laboratory analyses of wastewater and instruct others in operational practices and procedures relating to equipment.


Licenses & Certifications:

1) Possesses a valid Hawaii Driver’s License.

2) Possesses a valid State of Hawaii Grade IV WWTP Operator License.


Communications Skills

1) Effectively interprets and communicates written and verbal opinions and extrapolations of information collected and synthesized/analyzed.

2) Resolves conflicts that may arise because of disagreements between employees, between employees and customers/clients or with the public, other legal entities or governmental authorities.

3) Compiles, analyzes and prepares information in an effective written form, including correspondence, reports, articles, or other documentation.


Physical Demands

1) Meets the health and physical condition standards deemed necessary and proper for performance of these duties.

2) Is able to be exposed to hazardous, unsanitary and unpleasant conditions.

3) Is able to work shift, weekend and holiday schedules.

4) Has ability to perform heavy lifting up to 50 lbs and other manual work under adverse conditions.