Treatment Plant Supervisor

Feb 09 2024
Aqua Engineers, Inc. |Wahiawa|Full Time, $40.23 - $50.09 / hour
Job Description

Primary Accountability - Responsible for providing overall support to the operations teams well as serving as the direct responsible charge (DRC) for wastewater collection, treatment and disposal systems.  


Description of Primary Responsibilities

1) Provides management and supervision to departmental staff. 

2) Provides leadership and direction to assigned employees.  

3) Provides administrative support.

4) Prepares key organizational and financial documents. 

5) Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of equipment and operating devices as necessary based on staffing.

6) Responsible for the performing physical and chemical tests as necessary based on staffing.


Licenses & Certifications

1) Possesses a valid driver license.

2) Possesses a valid State of Hawaii Grade IV WWTP Operator License or Grade II WTP License and Grade II DSO License.


General Development

1) Considers the way the work affects other employees outside the department or functional area.

2) Possesses more advanced organizational skills, in order to organize projects or the work of others. 3) Provides leadership and motivation to others.

4) Re-prioritizes work in response to changes in circumstance.

5) Devises effective solutions to situations encountered based on the general goals and objectives of the function.

6) Draws conclusions using inference and logic, which may be different than the conclusions that could be drawn by others.


Professional & Technical Knowledge

1) Possesses general work-related skills at a level consistent with completion of a high school program or equivalent, including written and verbal communication skills, computational and computer skills, and mathematical knowledge.

2) Possesses knowledge of the practices and procedures used in the operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment and pumping plant equipment and the various types of wastewaters and associated problems and processes at a level expected of a State of Hawaii Grade IV WWTP or Grade II WTP Operator.

3) Possesses knowledge of sampling methods and the physical and chemical tests used in treatment plant control, hazards and safety practices involved in working around high voltage equipment and moving machinery, process quality control requirements and remedial measures in dealing with process malfunctions and emergencies, at a level expected of a State of Hawaii Grade IV WWTP or Grade II WTP Operator.

4) Possesses knowledge of practices and procedures used in the operation, maintenance and repair of equipment.

5) Possesses knowledge of practices and procedures used in the preventive maintenance, rehabilitation and repair of wastewater collection systems, and types and uses of collection system equipment.

6) Possesses knowledge of state, federal and local regulations pertaining to wastewater and related safety topics.


Technical Skills

1) Has the ability to read and interpret meters and gauges, record readings and maintain operation records and use basic mechanic hand and power tools.

2) Has the ability to use scheduling software programs used by the company.

3) Has the ability to prepare more complex documents in Microsoft Word, including creating tables, charts, graphs and other elements.

4) Has the ability to use Microsoft Excel to analyze data, including the use of formulas, functions, lookup tables and other standard spreadsheet elements.

Communications Skills

1) Communicates with clients on operations matters.

2) Effectively communicates opinions and extrapolations of information collected and synthesized/analyzed.

3) Resolves conflicts that may arise because of disagreements between employees, between employees and customers/clients, or with the public, other legal entities or governmental authorities.

4) Convinces others to take actions, or to behave in a specific way desired by the employee.

5) Compiles, analyzes and prepares information in an effective written form, including correspondence, reports, articles, or other documentation.


Physical Demands

1) Meets the health and physical condition standards deemed necessary and proper for performance of the duties.

2) Is able to be exposed to hazardous, unsanitary and unpleasant conditions.

3) May also be subject to shift, weekend and holiday work.

4) Is required to respond to emergency call outs.

5) Has ability to perform heavy lifting (50#) and other manual work under adverse conditions.