Licensed Primary Care Psychologist

Feb 20 2024
Waimanalo Health Center |Waimānalo|Full Time, $106,000 - $113,000 / year
Category: Healthcare
Job Description
Waimānalo Health Center is dedicated to offering employees an exceptional work environment and
offers competitive salaries and benefits. We are seeking a dedicated, talented, and team-oriented
Primary Care Psychologist to join our `ohana (family) to support our mission and values.
Waimānalo Health Center is rooted in Native Hawaiian values and devoted to improving the health
and wellness of all people, regardless of ability to pay, by providing comprehensive primary and
preventive health care services of the highest quality.
Waimānalo Health Center is dedicated to the continuous advancement in quality healthcare while
assuring universal access for all. We believe that our values of Aloha, Mālama I Ka Pono, Mālama I
Ka ʻOhana, and Mālama I Ka ʻĀina, enable our patient-centered healthcare home services to deeply
focus on the shared role of healing oneself, ʻohana, community, and ʻāina over generations.
Core Values and Guiding Principles
Our values at Waimānalo Health Center promote Hawaiian-centered diversity, equity, and inclusion by
welcoming all members of the Koʻolaupoko community to access our holistic services ranging from
traditional Hawaiian healing practices to Western medicine.
Aloha: We listen to people with our full attention, seeking to know them and understand their health
care and wellness needs and aspirations for themselves, their family and community. We will
respond, to the best of our abilities, as caring, compassionate, engaged, and professional partners in
Mālama I Ka Pono: We know that quality healthcare starts with people’s trust in our services and the
excellence of our care for them and the resources entrusted to us to meet their needs. We are
committed to maintaining their trust by treating people with respect and confidentiality, and by being
open about our organizational practices and results, seeking to continuously improve our work.
Mālama I Ka ʻOhana: We believe that wellness embraces the whole family, and we welcome their
participation in the healthcare of their loved ones. Our belief extends from the Ahupuaʻa of Waimānalo
throughout Koʻolaupoko where we build the foundation for good health and wellness for everyone,
and we seek collaborative partners who share our values and vision.
Mālama I Ka ʻĀina: We understand the importance of one’s sense of place and the holistic nature of
health and wellbeing. Through integrative services we support the balance of body, mind, and spirit,
while respecting one’s cultural connectedness to the ‘āina of Hawai'i. Ka Mauli O Ka ‘Āina A He Mauli
Kānaka: The Life of the Land is the Life of the People

The Primary Care Licensed Clinical Psychologist, as part of the primary care treatment team, in the context of the Patient-Centered Health Care Home, identifies, triages and manages patients with medical and behavioral health problems within the primary care clinic.  This position will provide screening, brief intervention, and referral to appropriate treatment, for a wide variety of psychosocial and behavioral issues that impact overall health and wellness of patients.  The Primary Care Licensed Clinical Psychologist will be available for all warm handoffs from the primary care team, but will also help to identify and proactively seek out patients identified by the team as potentially needing behavioral health services.  In addition, the Primary Care Licensed Clinical Psychologist will provide skill training through psycho-education and patient education strategies and will develop specific behavioral change plans for patients and behavioral health protocols for target populations.